ATVs & Buggy  Tour

The ATVs & Buggy tour is a must for adventurous souls who are looking for an amazing & thrilling experience. Get ready to speed up & get mud cover on the  ATV tour that takes place on private property driving through the hills, teak wood plantations, creeks crossing, paddocks rides, beach ride and a half day full of excitement and very important away from highways and dangerous roads with traffic.


 Your tour begins picking a single  ATV/Buggy. After your choice have been made we take you to the training field before you start the tour. Once you're ready with the test drive, you are welcome to go with our professional guides, to the private property where you will not have to worry about cars or trucks as many other tour operators do.


This is a 2 hours tour full excitement, adrenaline, and adventure. Wildlife is usually spot on the way, by the tour guides so keep your eyes opened you may be lucky enough to see the majestic Scarlet Macaws perch or in flight & the Howlers Monkeys.


That´s not all!  A delicious refreshment of tropical fruits awaits you half of the tour. Come and join us on this terrific tour!

Notes: *Keep in mind that when going more than 2 pax per buggy you will have to switch driving positions. As well, you can use doubles ATV or single ones, the price changes* 

*tours from Puntarenas are only organized with private excursions and with advance reservation*

*We also make reservations with or without transportation included*

*Lunch is optional is requested*

*Deposit is required the day of the tour in case of damage*


Tour departures: from Los Suenos Marriott Resort Costa Rica & Jaco beach: 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM.
Tour departures: from Puntarenas: 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM.


tour Duration: From LSM & Jaco beach: Total 3:00 Hours from pick up to drop off.

 tour Duration: from Puntarenas: 5 Hours From pick up to drop off. (The time can change if lunch is requested or any additional stop)

Pick Up: from Los Suenos Marriott, Jaco beach, Puntarenas.


tour Includes:

Air-conditioned Transportation

Experienced driver

English speaking Guide

2-hour tour



What to bring for the tour:

Short pants

tennis shoes





insect repellent

Mouth cover cloth