Carara National Park & Crocodile River tour

Carara National Park description:


Carara national park is located in a transitional zone that connects two of the most biodiverse forests in the world and is next to El Rio Grande de Tarcoles well-known destination for birdwatching. Carara rainforest offers nature lovers and birdwatchers and first-time visitors a wonderful destination for wildlife that harbors 360 species of birds such as toucans, scarlet macaws, trogons, woodpeckers, 3 species of monkeys Howler monkeys, white-faced Capuchin & spider monkey. Likewise, agoutis, raccoons, peccaries, White-nosed Coatis, reptiles, bats, tree frogs, Poison dart frogs, and toads.


 Carara rainforest park has two different trails that can easily be hiked by kids, and one adapted for handicap both of the trails are flat and easy to walk through. The first trail is called "El Sendero Universal". This is a paved trail adapted for children, handicap and all those that would like to walk a short distance and still enjoy the rainforest and its natural beauties.

The second trail at Carara park is "La Meandrica" best trail to find one of the most resplendent birds of Costa Rica "The Scarlet Macaw" (Ara Macao). Carara Rainforest is one of the two main nesting sites of the Scarlet Macaw and they are usually spotted in our tours from Los Suenos Resort Costa Rica & Puntarenas cruise ship tours. 


Our native English speaking tour guides will walk you through the park and explain all about the Tropical Rainforest to best understanding this amazing earth treasure. Each of our tour guides has a telescope to point at the wildlife on the treetops.


Carara rainforest walk Duration:

Sendero Universal: 1 hour 30 minutes

Meandrica Trail: 2.5 hours


Crocodile River tour description: 


Enjoy navigating through El Rio Grande de Tarcoles, the best destination in Central Pacific to see dozens of American crocodiles, from babies up to 16 feet long. Our professional English speaking guides will point out all the wildlife on the river from the prehistoric "Crocodiles" to dozens of water birds including hawks, egrets, herons, eagles, and large iguanas and even the famous Brown Basilisk that runs over the water.
At the end of the crocodile river tour will take you through exotic mangrove forest canals a unique world ecosystem! 
Crocodile River Tour Duration:
1 hour and 45 minutes.

Min Pax: 2

Difficulty: easy

Available from: Los Sueños Resort, Jaco beach & Puntarenas Cruise ships

Departure time:

7:00 am from Los Suenos Resort Costa Rica / Jaco beach. 

8:00 from Puntarenas peer.

Total duration:

5 hours from Los Suenos Resort

8 hours from Puntarenas


Your tour includes:
Clean & Comfortable Air-conditioned Transportation 

Experience driver
Native English-speaking tour Guide

Entrance to Carara Park

Crocodile river tour & Exotic Mangrove

Optional** Lunch or fruits from Los Suenos Resort.

What to bring:
Hiking shoes
Long Pants
Insect Repellent 
Additional water