Jaguar & Macaw Sanctuary tour

Jaguar & Macaw Sanctuary is a rescue center dedicated to rehabilitating wildlife that has been confiscated illegally in Costa Rica. The Jaguar and Macaw Sanctuary is located 55 minutes from Puntarenas city. 

This tour is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in seeing and learning about wildlife, such as jaguars, tapirs, scarlet macaws, blue and gold macaw, green-winged macaw; monkeys, among others.


All the wildlife you will see at the Jaguar and macaw sanctuary is not bought like in zoos, in here, every animal has been found with an injury and rescue by tourist and Costa Ricans, also many of them were confiscated by the local police and taken to the rescue center you are about to visit.


Macaw & Jaguar Sanctuary is a unique tour opportunity no only to see beautiful wildlife but to support a foundation that protects, rescue & rehabilitates the animal to get as many as possible back into nature. Our professional tour guide will explain to you in details the natural history of this amazing animal, including the endangered species like Scarlet Macaws, Tapirs, and Jaguars.


Don´t miss this shore excursion that will teach you a lot and make you more eco-friendly and aware of the impact of taking wildlife out of their habitat.



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1 hour & 15 minutes walk



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Shore Excursion

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